LHBC shrooms

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory has more than plants: Flower pot parasol aka plantpot dapperling:



Details from my friend Kathie Hodge:

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii
Flower pot parasol (US)
Plantpot dapperling (UK)
Family: Fungi: Agaricaceae
Native to: Neotropics

This handsome yellow mushroom pops up frequently in greenhouses and potted plants. Its saprobic mycelium lives in the soil, digesting organic matter. The actions of its enzymes help break down soil and mulch, making mineral nutrients more accessible to plant roots. Thus it does not harm nearby plants, and in our opinion it sometimes outshines them. The yellow mushrooms pop up when conditions are right. They produce spores that help the fungus spread. These mushrooms are not dangerous to touch or smell, but cause stomach upset if eaten.

Horticultural notes: This mushroom is believed to be native to the tropics. It is probably introduced to greenhouses in potting soil.

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The Storm

21st-century blues for an ironically bookended week.

Storm is raging
Trouble’s on its way
Cars are floating
Down the west highway

Fire’s burning
In my neighborhood
Water’s rising
But I thought it never would

They came and told me
Got to move away
I didn’t listen
Said I’m gonna stay

No where to turn to
No place left to hide
Gonna build up a sea wall
Wait it out inside

Wind starts to howling
Storm starts moving in
Y’all gonna rise up
No place left to stay

Full moon is rising
Hard times coming fast
You can’t deny it
Change has come at last … at last

Many angrier electric versions available.

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