Sloggers: A-OK

Hank’s recent gushing Slogger Report reminded me that I haven’t come clean on my promise to review the free pair I received as a consequence of being one of the most verbose commenter over at GardenRant.

Best feature: Rugged construction should last forever.

Biggest drawback: I had to drill my own drainage holes. And they didn’t come with any hanging hardware.

They’re really A-OK. It’s just that I have a high arch and sweaty feet and the combination of not being able to feel my toes in a puddle of sweat convince me to return to my favorite garden footwear.

Seriously, they’re a fine product. I’ll just have to go back to the Slogger website and see if I can find a style that fits my foot better than the ones I ordered.

sloggers planted
‘Jaggies’ in the image courtesy of PaintShopPro.

Supertheory Of Supereverything

Super TarantaAcoustic version of a (very subversive) song from the gypsy punks’ forthcoming release (July 10) Super Taranta. String theory, religion and schizophrenia as only Gogol Bordello can do.

Approximate lyrics from mp3 of studio version (they’re different in live YouTube):

From the maelstrom of the knowledge
Into labyrinth of doubt
Frozen underground ocean
Melting milking on my mind
Kill me, everything theory
Without Nazi uniformity

Opening song from Bonaroo Festival last weekend.

Patrick Dougherty sculpture de-installed

A few weeks ago, I was shocked when driving through Collegetown to see that Patrick Dougherty’s sculptures had been ‘de-installed’ apparently while I was away in Florida back in early May. I was hoping to get a few pieces as keepsakes, or maybe enough to build something. Patrick told me that the remenants of his sculptures made good material for funky little fences or wattles because they dried into interesting shapes.  The only image I have is courtesy of Elly’s co-worker Aaron Birkland, who happened by with his cellphone camera during the mayhem.

Oh well.

sculpture coming down

June bloom day scans

I’m late to the party again. Sorry. Seems like it wasn’t long ago that I had to scour the garden to come up with a single scan. Now I just pick a couple themes and fill three scans without covering half of what’s flowering.

Mostly pinks and purples: Peonies, bearded iris, bearberry, violas, dame’s rocket, pinks, willow.

peony scan
Larger image
| Original scan

Mostly whites: goatsbeard, nectoscordum, persicaria, daisies, violas, bishops weed, arrowwood, anemone, columbine.

peony scan
Larger image
| Original scan

Mostly grays: artemisia, Scotch thistle, verbascum, plume poppy, hosta, lambs ears, begonia.

peony scan
Larger image
| Original scan

Purple haze

Did I mention we have sunsets? It ain’t Key West.  But former resident folkie Mark Rust wrote the unofficial Ithaca anthem Old Ithaca Sunset. (Unfortunately, there’s no audio online that I can find).

Ours are still good even though we lack the lake view.  This is the first one I’ve ever tried to shoot.  Guess I’ll have to keep trying.