Bryophyllum delagoense on my windowsill

If anyone has an ID on this flower, I’d appreciate knowing what this is. It’s from a tall (~12 inches) succulent with linear leaves.

My buddy Miles, hort grad student at Cornell and one of my go-to guys on plant ID, got this one right based on the scan and cellphone shot: It’s Bryophyllum delagoense, native to Madagascar. (Check out Miles recent plant explorations in South Africa.)



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R.I.P. Don Featherstone …

pink flamingos… Inventor of the Pink Flamingo lawn ornament.

I’ve got a pair that stay out year-round, complementing my tropicals in summer and warming my heart during the winter. (They do look chilly. But, hey. They’re plastic.)

I posted back in 2007 about the move of Pink Flamingo manufacturing from Massachusetts to Upstate New York.

I don’t know the state of Pink Flamingo manufacturing today. But I suspect that mine just doubled in value and maybe I should enjoy them less and take better care of them. Not.

Nice tribute at NPR. Including story that he had to use National Geographic photo to model his design because there aren’t many flamingos in Massachusetts.

Don Featherstone

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