Water garden repair

I’ve got a backlog of pictures from last weekend to get out over the next few days. My major accomplishment Sunday was repairing the water garden. The warm winter was easy on the fish. (The spring-fed pool was frozen over only maybe a dozen nights all season.) But the freezing and thawing heaved the surrounding soil and sent a lot of the edging stones into the water. It was a real mess:

water garden before

I straightened things out as best I could, hauled out the whiskey-barrel liner with the mini-water lilies, and trimmed the dead foliage off the potted emergents. But I’ve got to dig up or buy some flat stones and rebuild the edges or this is only going to get worse.

water garden after

The ugly pile with the pond liner scraps in the background is going to be my ‘mud man’ sculpture. More on that project as it evolves.

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Garden Footwear Review

While I decide whether or not to take GardenRant up on their very kind offer of free Sloggers, I thought it best if I review what I already have. Being ‘green’, I want to make sure that I’m not engaged in mindless consumerism or becoming a slave to the gardening fashionistas.

Aldo Sandals Fake ‘Merrells’ K-Mart Sneaks

Description: Son’s locker room wear during ’01-’02 hoops season Impulse buy from Walmart clearance bin
circa 2003.
6 months of office attire before called
for garden duty
Price: No clue $12 $19
Off/On: No bending involved. Requires finger at the heal standing on
one foot.
Requires socks, knots — what a hassle.
‘Puttering’: Perfect OK Too much work to put on
Shoveling: Ouch Light digging Pogo in tight soil
Mowing: Too slick Eh Perfect
Snow: Dusting to 1″ Up to 3″ Up to 6″
Temperature: > 25F > 10F with socks Down to -10F
Smell factor: Funky but cleans up nicely Amorphophallus in flower Biohazard
Other uses: Walking the dogs, ‘visiting Quito’ Considered evening wear in Ithaca Rodent repellent
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Tax Day Nor’easter

Nothing I like better than waking up halfway through April to this:

nor'easter snow

Yes, I did the spring deer fence repair around the garden a couple weeks ago. Heavy wet snow like this — 6 inches overnight, maybe another 8 or more today — dragged it down, no sweat. The alders are bent to the ground and even the lizard was collecting snow. Might have more from after work later.

bent alderssnow lizard

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