Greetings from Ponte Vedra Beach

antique Jacksonville postcard

Actually, we’re home again. The laundry is done. The lawn is mowed. And the rescued tulips are still in flower. (Pix and post coming soon.)

On to Florida landscaping …

What is this green shit you call grass? I recall now the admonition from my grandmother the first time I visited Florida as a teenager: “This is no place to go barefoot.” It’s green. You mow it. But it’s really not very inviting.

Haven’t I been reading about Agapanthus as a hot new plant the past couple of years? Judging by the landscaping around the condos, it’s a freakin’ groundcover on the order of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ here in the Northeast. Doesn’t mean it’s not a great plant. But I could have plucked a dozen plants and no one would have been any the wiser.

sawgrassI love palms. I don’t care that they’re everywhere in the landscape and stacked on flatbeds headed for the next new development. If I could grow palms here, I’d do it. Growing Amaryllis outside is pretty cool, too.

The PGA tournament at Sawgrass (spitting distance from Nate and Trista’s place)  gave the whole trip an even more festive atmosphere. Even I knew about the incredible 17th hole with the island green in pond and I don’t follow golf at all.

Update: Pix from the trip are at Elly’s picassa gallery.

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See new annual flowers

field day at bluegrass lane

In winter, I’m a sucker for sites with pretty pictures. If you are too — and you want a sneak preview of some new annuals — check out this site: Annual Flower Research at Bluegrass Lane, Ithaca, New York

Full disclosure: I helped develop this site at work, though one of our research technicians, Melissa Kitchen, has taken over the reins at the site.

Every year, Bill Miller (our bulb and flower expert in Cornell’s Department of Horticulture) gets seed of annuals that are just coming onto the market. He and his staff grow them out and make observations through the summer, and industry folks come look at them during our floriculture field day.

But you don’t have to travel to Ithaca. You can see what these flowers look like through the season right in your browser.

I’m not big on annuals.  But I liked the Phlox Intensia series ‘Lavender Glow’.

Go explore.

bluegrass lane splash image

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Remembering summer 2006 (Part 1)

I rediscovered a bunch of images I’d taken and prepared for blogging last September, but never had time to put them online. The scenes came as quite a shock, now that I’ve gotten used to the snowy landscape. Will try to get the rest of the images — mostly vignettes of favorite plants and combos — over the next few weeks as we countdown to spring.

Click on pix for larger images.

Bathroom view View from the bathroom window, now under that curvy drift in the winter images.

Border and containers
Border and containers.

The container cluster, which is now the container stack in the winter images. Brugmansia, cannas, elephant ears, dahlias.

ContainersExpanded water garden, which finally froze over about 3 weeks ago. Hope the fishies are doing OK.

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