Cornell (infra) Red

Minns Garden and Plant Science, infrared image by Kent Loeffler

If you’re on campus, check out Kent Loeffler’s infrared photos of sites in and around the Cornell campus in the gallery on the second floor of Mann Library.

Kent used a specially modified digital camera that only records infrared. It does very interesting things with trees and clouds. You can view more at his smugmug site. You can also buy the book online.

Seems like every couple of years, Kent comes up with a new and interesting technique to help us see things a little differently. A couple of years ago, I posted about his miniature landscapes shot with a borescope.

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2 thoughts on “Cornell (infra) Red”

  1. Beautiful! I have been meaning to go. Infrared was fun with film–I wonder if I can manage this on the digital. It would be fun to try.

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