‘Picture This’ photo contest entry

OK. I’ve settled on this one. Not sure it really nails Rob’s criteria. But it’s my favorite of the ones I’ve shot this month in an effort to capture green. Thanks to GGW for hosting Picture This.

sweet woodruff and polygonatum

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9 thoughts on “‘Picture This’ photo contest entry”

  1. It’s a lovely photo. I agree with you, this was a difficult subject. I entered a little earlier than I normally do this month and of course I took a photo I liked a little better than my entry the day before the contest closed! It will be interesting to see what the judge selects, there’s a really wide range of subject matter this time.

  2. Hi Craig. That is a wonderful shot, and richly deserved to win, in my opinion. I am sure that I am one of the people who confused Rob by entering a photo that wasn’t as compelling as other photos he found on my blog. This was a hard assignment, and I think you nailed it.

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