Latest on late blight

late blight on tomatoWrote a blog post last week at Cornell Horticulture, Avoid the late blight blues, about how gardeners can help prevent the heartbreak many of us felt last year. (Make sure you kill those volunteer potatoes.)

I highly recommend Meg McGrath’s late blight photo gallery if you’re not sure what late blight looks like.

And you can also listen to Amy Ivy’s podcast (the meatiest gardening podcast around) on the subject.

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2 thoughts on “Latest on late blight”

  1. Thanks, Craig!! I’m spreading the word. And I love Amy’s’re so right, they are the meatiest.

  2. Thanks, Craig. We’re all wondering what will happen this year. I don’t know Amy’s podcast so will be sure to check it out. It’d be nice to have some good gardening info to listen to on the bus. The one garden podcast I’ve been keeping up on isn’t doing much for me.

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