‘Awakenings’ gold

picture this photo contest goldWell this took a little of the sting out of both Syracuse (alma mater, frosh team ’75-’76) and Cornell (employer) losing in the NCAA tourney last week. But as Cornell center Jeff Foote told The Onion, even the improbable becomes inevitable with a long enough timeline.

Actually, I thought I stood a chance at getting a mention in this month’s Gardening Gone Wild Picture This photo contest. That’s because I’ve been following the advice that judge Saxon Holt offered in a post about a year ago on Point of View Photographs. Saxon made me realize that if I was going to capture the impact of early spring ephemerals, I was going to have to get down and dirty. Muddy knees, muddy elbows and occasionally a muddy chest are the price you pay.

Thanks to Saxon and everyone at GGW for hosting this monthly event. Congrats to the other winners and thanks to everyone else who contributes inspiring photos each month.

eranthis rising

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8 thoughts on “‘Awakenings’ gold”

  1. Indeed what is possible becomes probable when the number of events piles up. It’s good to read about your passion. My crocuses are just beginning to wilt after their two week bloom.
    I have a tiny organic box garden in my back yard. As I tell my children when they complain about the weather in Southern New England, we live in the Connecticut River Valley about 3 miles from the Connecticut border, this is the warmest and least snowy place I have ever lived.


  2. Your picture is beautiful! Congrats on your Gold! :)

    I love keeping a kids sled handy to kneel on in mud and snow. It saves (mostly) from getting wet and muddy. :)

  3. i can almost smell the moist dirt and rotting leaves in your photograph! congrats!

    covered in mud myself now:)

  4. I knew you had a very good chance of winning. Congratulations!

    It must be a Cash kind of day. I listened to Johnny Cash’s Unchained on the way to work this morning.

  5. Well done & really well deserved, Craig. Congratulations! That image DRIPS spring in NY :) Yellow time has arrived, woohooo!

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