First hellebores

The buds have been there for a week or more, but they opened yesterday.


Closer …


Closest …


Don’t know what these are. But they were there when I raked back some of the leaf mulch.



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4 thoughts on “First hellebores”

  1. I love seeing those freckled faces. Interesting emerging plants. The color alone is exciting.

  2. Terrific photos of the hellebores. I just added some to my garden last summer (after seeing so many beautiful ones on garden blogs last spring). I never knew how hard it was to photograph them until I had one open! I was laying on the ground bent upwards ~ so I can really appreciate these now.

  3. Kasey:

    I know what you mean. And I hate those pix of the hand with the flower upturned between the fingers.

    Not that the flower isn’t spectacular.

    The ones I posted are in a raised bed on a slope. So I can hunker down and get a pretty good angle without digital intervention.

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