That’s what I think of the snow …

big snow pix

Actually, I kind of like snow. But after shoveling a foot Thursday night and spending a couple hours this morning to free things up, it’s getting kind of old already. Especially when you have to actually shovel a path so the dogs can get off the porch to do their thing.

Here’s the view from the upstairs bathroom. Tough to tell how much we got from that angle. But the driveway had at least two feet in most places — as much from the blowing as the snowing, I’m sure.
big snow pix

Still haven’t dug out the Camry. But it got up in the mid-30s today so that at least all the snow melted off of it.
big snow pix

Still have a couple feet along the edges of the driveway to push back over the weekend. Gonna go turn on the lights and get started.
big snow pix

The sun tried to peek through.
big snow pix

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5 thoughts on “That’s what I think of the snow …”

  1. Brrrrrrrrrr!
    Mon Dieu, moi, je n’en peux plus de cette neige!
    ici le soleil brille, la neige est bientôt totalement fondue et j’ai des envies de jardinage…!

    Courage…le printemps n’est pas loin :-)))

  2. i like the snow too and would shovel everything all over again just to have another 2-3ft storm again down here in the baltimore area.

    the snow was so high here a few weeks ago that the fence around our yard was useless for keeping our dogs in. everytime i looked out back, my dogs were in the neighbor’s yard playing with their dogs!

    enjoy your weather:)

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