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gardeners anonymous logoGo on over to Hank’s place to get in on the 5 crazy things to which only a gardening addict would admit extravaganza. Here are my five:

  1. To celebrate my birthday (April 29), every year I drive 70 miles to save $5 on hanging baskets — even though it’s usually a month before I can stop bringing them in a night.
  2. When it’s 90 F (really hot for these parts), I mow the lawn anyway because I need the grass clippings for mulch.
  3. Because my soil is too wet, I built a raised rock garden to grow dryland plants.
  4. Because my soil is too dry, I dug out a water garden so that I could grow aquatic plants.
  5. Whenever I see an object that  will hold more soil than a saucer I think, “What can I grow in that?”
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6 thoughts on “My 5”

  1. #5 is funnier than hell. i actually had just finished a swig on the ol’ Coke can. it’s a good thing I had finished or I would have spit it up laughing.

    #3 and #4 are pretty funny also.

  2. I will add bonus list items here, since Hank will only take the first 5:

    6. When we lived in town, every spring I would edge all the beds out 6 inches so that my wife wouldn’t notice that the lawn was disappearing.

    7. When we moved to the country (with more gardening space than you can shake a stick at), I gave up my second-favorite hobby because trout season and gardening season conflict.

  3. Oh, I SO understand #6! I did that same thing to get around my non-gardening ex-husband. I also might have killed the grass in certain areas just so I could say, “Well, the grass is dead here anyway, so I might as well put a little flowerbed here…”

    Love this list. Particularly #3 and #4, right after each other. Hope you and your #1 son have a great weekend together.

  4. The trick, Kim, is to start with a whiskey barrel planter one year. Plant some annuals around the base of it the next year. And before you know it, you have an island bed and you move the barrel on to the next spot.

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