Picture This Photo Contest – End of the Line

The them for this month’s Picture This Photo Contest over at Gardening Gone Wild is End of the Line. Here’s my entry (click for larger view):

fall pix

Volunteer ivy growing on concrete retaining wall outside the Campus Store, Cornell University.

Technically, not the best shot I’ve ever made. But I’ve probably had more comments about this picture than any other I’ve taken.

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19 thoughts on “Picture This Photo Contest – End of the Line”

  1. Love this photo, I particulary enjoy these kind of compositions, where you have the feeling that nature conqueres back what was taken from it. The colours are just beatiful!

  2. I commented on this shot when you first posted, and it’s one of my favorites of all the pics you’ve posted. The color is just stunning, and the shapes created by the vines are arresting. I LOVE this pic, and I hope you win. If I could just get ivy to grow like this for me . . . . . . .

  3. Kim: It looks like a volunteer, growing out of a crack in the pavement at the base of the wall. Pavement all around.

  4. Very rich color; a great shot. Also, I’m pleased to see a blog originating from just up the street where I grew up. My dad still lives on Ithaca road, and several of my good friends lived on Ellis Hollow road–or on side streets off of Ellis Hollow Road.

  5. I wish I could claim all the intentionality Grace ascribes to this picture. I will claim some credit for recognizing it was an interesting shot once I downloaded and saw it on screen.

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