4 thoughts on “Weekend pix: Bees on verbascum”

  1. Hmm the bees around here usually have yellow sacks of pollen. These orange sacks of pollen are very nice.

  2. Hey! Puffy orange pollen balls aren’t boring! Those are wonderful pictures, Craig. I think a little of my opinion is that I don’t take such good bee pics–a commenter suggested that it would be a lot more fun in video, and he might be right. Maybe I should hang out around our 1 verbascum, which is approaching about 8′ in height right in front of the living room window (where the missing sunflowers were supposed to be by now). Thanks for the pingback.

  3. Bee pix are cool! C’mon! I just posted some up on m site, with a bumblebee just caught by something–a parasitic wasp perhaps?

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