Flower bulb grant opportunity

[Full disclosure: I work on The Bulb Projectkids and flower bulbs website (see that tile over in the right hand column), sponsored by the International Flower Bulb Centre and the U.S. Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC), the U.S. press office of the Dutch flower bulb industry.]

Know anyone who works with children or youth who might be interested in diving in to a flower bulb project? Maybe you could team up with a teacher or youth leader, providing some expertise in launching a community beautification or educational project. If that sounds like fun, here’s a grant program that could help your effort by supplying the bulbs to carry out the project.

Just fill out an application (deadline is July 3) describing how your school or organization will use flower bulbs creatively in educational programs with children and youth. The 10 best applicants will receive $250-worth of bulbs for their programs.

Find more information at The Bulb Project website.

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