Double bloodroot

Another plant that I find difficult to shoot. In the camera, it looks best in the morning with softer light (first images). In the eye, I like it in afternoon light (later images).

double bloodroot

double bloodroot

double bloodroot

double bloodroot

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7 thoughts on “Double bloodroot”

  1. Just a thought about the photo light time of day issue – my art nerd guess is that a white flower requires the help of shadows to appreciate its structure and shape. If you look at the morning picture you can see the flower petals making shadows on the flower… this brings out the shape of the flower, even though a picture is flat. When you view it in 3D with your own eye in the afternoon (full light) shadows aren’t required to exhibit the structure and shape of the flower – your eye will get this information because you are moving around the flower (it is no longer 2D).

  2. …of course there’s no such thing as a disappointing picture of a flower:) at least not on this blog…

  3. I recived my one olant of double bloodwort from my 100 year old friend years ago. And I look forward to it every spring. The leaves are gorgeous.

    Connie Lynch

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