Double snowdrop …

… or at least something out of the ordinary. Reminds me of some of the snowdrops I saw out at Hitch Lyman’s last spring. (I have a premonition he might be in the news soon.) I spotted this one in an out-of-the-way place on campus, as well as some clumps of other interesting snowdrops.

double snowdrop

As with hellebores, it’s hard to get an in-the-eye shot without getting fingers in the frame.

double snowdrop

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3 thoughts on “Double snowdrop …”

  1. Those are pretty! Today I discovered Snowdrop City beneath the blooming Cornus mas that is on the north side of the Lewis Ed Center at Plantations. It is just past its prime, and I’m bummed I didn’t make it over there until today. Silly me, thinking stuff wouldn’t be growing under the trees…Go see that tree if you get a little time. That and the hellebores are worth the walk.

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