A special eranthis, more snowdrops

My recollection is that I won this eranthis as a door prize at a rock garden meeting a few years ago. It’s different from most, I think due to t those sorta tubular petal-like thingies near the anthers. (Apologies for the technical language there.)


Here’s a closer look. (As usual, click on the images if you want an even closer look.) If you know anything about this cultivar (and what those thingies are), please let me know.


Snowdrops are peaking …




More bulb season yet to come …

something emerging

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5 thoughts on “A special eranthis, more snowdrops”

  1. Perfect inspiration to head out now and get some (more) dirt under my fingernails! The mess in my kitchen isn’t going anywhere, but the sunlight eventually will.

  2. so nice to see. The scilla across from Uris hall were incredible late last week–so small individually but impressive dotting the hillside. Did you see them on your walks?

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