Jade’s 12th spring

I try to resist pet postings. But sometimes I break down. Both our dogs are getting long in the tooth.

For 12 springs now, Jade — our lab/border collie mix — has been a constant (and sometime annoying) companion in the garden.

This is how I typically see her, with ball (or more often Norway spruce cone) in mouth, ready to play. If I ignore her, she throws the toy in the garden cart, a bucket, or the hole Im digging and bark until I pick it up an throw it — only to repeat the whole process.


She still likes being outside, but her persistence is waning. After a toss or two, she gives me the look: Do I have to initiate the whole play thing? Will you think less of me?


And then she’ll lie down and watch me work. NIce company.


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4 thoughts on “Jade’s 12th spring”

  1. Awwww I don’t know why you don’t like posting about your Mz Jade. She deserves a little lime light since she has been gardening with you for so long.

  2. What a Good Dog!
    i wish i could enjoy the company of my pets in my garden, but we live on a busy street…so they hang out at the screened windows, watching and sniffing the air and giving all of my clothes a thorough going over when i come in.

  3. Hooray for Jade the cone killer :) It’s sweet that she’s kept you company for so long in the garden. Seems like the comment pool is all for doggy posts–keep ’em coming!

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