Yellow crocus, scilla

The on-going march of ephemerals …

yellow crocus

I think bulbs lose some of their charm on bare ground, as opposed to coming up through leaves:

yellow crocus

yellow crocus

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6 thoughts on “Yellow crocus, scilla”

  1. Very nice photos. Your yellow crocus looks like a different variety than mine. I don’t think mine shows the streaks on the outside. Hmmmmm

  2. Hi Craig
    Nice fotos on spring flowers, here in Sweden we get som snow the other day so the spring seams to take a breake for the moment…well well it is soon here again.
    Have a nice weekend Craig

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ken.

    Spring is in the air here. But that doesn’t mean that winter is gone for good. Two years ago, we had a 6-inch (15 cm) snowstorm on April 15 — the day we pay our taxes here in the US.

    Looking forward to more pictures of your garden this season. You have so many great plants in such a great design.

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