6 thoughts on “Fringed tulips”

  1. Those are great. My forced tulips are just starting to bloom now, but I haven’t any fringed ones. Those are tough for the non-greenhouse-owning amateur to force.

    It was nice to meet you guys, but I wish it had been longer and on a nicer day, in a garden. I think we can make that happen.

  2. Dear whom concern
    I live in De , i happened to be just bought these particular tulips, my tulips are exactly that red and yellow tulip , and i do not know how to purchase more of them, i am trying yo find up name, do far i learned word call fringed, but if i particularly want that one, what will be specific name for it ? Thanks a lot
    My email is duman_5@hotmail.com and facebook name is Nihal Celik from Wilmington DE bye

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