Fun with tilt-shift

Catching up with Kris at Blithwold this morning, I remembered I never got around to trying out the online TiltShiftmaker. (Long story short: Makes your uploaded images look like close-up of miniatures. Hat tip to Steve Silk for bringing this to the attention of the garden blogosphere.) Neat for larger views with lots of depth, especially high-angle shots.  Not so good on close-ups.  Will have to fiddle with it some more soon.

Click images for larger views.

tilt shift trials

tilt shift trials

tilt shift trials

tilt shift trials

tilt shift trials

tilt shift trials

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8 thoughts on “Fun with tilt-shift”

  1. Nothing wrong with off topic, Jim.

    The most common source used to be a co-worker who was a big fan of Arizona Iced Tea’s ginseng tea. But they don’t use the blue bottles any more. I’ve got a case or so stored away for later projects, though.

    Skyy vodka comes in blue bottles. I was in a bar in Scranton, Pa., once and they had a pair of magnum sized Skyy bottles behind the bar. They had to hold at least 3 gallons. I’d give my left arm for one of those.

    And there are various wine bottles that have that nice cobalt blue.

    I developed my love for these as a kid when I used to find old dumps out in the woods, and dig through them looking for antique bottles and other cook stuff. Most of the blue glass I found was in the form of old Phillips Milk of Magnesia bottles. Do they still make that stuff? If so, I haven’t noticed it on the shelf. So I don’t know if they’re still in blue or not.

  2. oh no! I’ve been seeing this in the photo blog world and have attempted to resist. It is, as they say, futile. Expect me to spend WAY too much time on this very soon. I especially love the effect it has on the image of the house–makes it look like a doll house. Beautiful photos to have on a Monday.

  3. Okay, this is really cool! I especially like the shot of your front pathway–I would swear that the photo is of a miniature if I didn’t remember the original picture from an earlier posting.

    By the way, I couldn’t comment on this one, but thanks for the Cowboy Junkies today. I have a cover of “Sweet Jane” by them that I especially like, too.

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