Gardening’s little secret

Benjamin over at The Deep Middle WAS INSULTED by this snarky video game ad, implying that gardening is boring.

I, for one, take pride in being a gardener — and revel in gardening’s little secret that something that seems so boring to the outside world (adults as well as kids) is really so exciting.

Thanks Benjamin. Huge hat tip.

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12 thoughts on “Gardening’s little secret”

  1. And I’ll bet Tom’s contemporaries were a little puzzled by his enthusiasm for plants, too.

    ‘I went to visit him at Monticello to talk about that inalienable rights stuff, and all he wanted to do is show me some tuber or gourd he got from France. I worry about that boy.’

  2. Touche. Add the accent over the E, would you? Speaking of new words, Lisa, how about crunk? I discovered from my students it means crazy drunk, which is the cool thing to be, you know. I also recently discovered that all these women’s knitting groups are called ‘Bitch and Stitch.’ I’m sure Craig loves this comment I’m leaving…. Should I keep going?

  3. That is SO redonk! (short for redonkulus, which is really ridiculous) (and um, Benjamin, the women call it a Stitch n’ Bitch). Sorry, I just had a Thanksgiving weekend’s worth of trivia and word games…we won a turn when I correctly spelled “azalea” backwards and another by knowing that the oldest living organism (creosote) got that way by cloning. THAT’s garden knowledge for ya!

  4. Ok, I maybe got it wrong. I’ve heard both a student and a job application for a hiring committee I’m on mention it. BS, SB, either one works for me. I’m so happy this conversation is going on though–if I was crunk it’d be REALLY fun, sorta like when I play Trivial Pursuit with anyone BUT my mother (that why I kick butt, vs. being kicked myself).

    What would a gardening version of Stitch n’ Bitch be?

  5. If it involved food, would have to be a weed and feed. Or more closely to the ‘bitchin’ ‘n’ stichin’ theme, a plant and rant.


  6. Those are good ones! My word skills must be tapped from the board games. All I came up with upon seeing yours was hoe & crow. Weed & screed seems a little bit too harsh. I’m always up for a weed & feed.

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