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Liberty_Hyde_BaileyI usually like to have read books before recommending them. But if you’re looking for stocking-stuffers for your gardening friends (or to add to your own wish list), here are two that I suspect will be winners:

Liberty Hyde Bailey: Essential Agrarian and Environmental Writings – As the promo copy says, “Before Wendell Berry and Aldo Leopold, there was the horticulturalist [sic] and botanist Liberty Hyde Bailey.” Even though I walk by lecture halls and conservatories named for the pioneering Cornell horticulturist every day, I’ll admit to having not read much of his writing. I think this will be a good place for me to catch up, considering these are the best from his prolific writings. (See this classic Life photo to understand just how much writing Bailey did before the advent of the digital age.)

Planthropology: The Myths, Miracles, and Mysteries of My Garden Favorites. – Let’s just say that I’ve never, ever been disappointed by a Ken Druse book. His photos and writing are top-shelf. I expect the content here will rise above a mere collection of plant trivia to deliver a level of insight and beauty that I’ve come to expect from Ken. Read Ken’s GuestRant over at Garden Rant on the backstory of titling the book and more.

Here’s a promotional video for the book:

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6 thoughts on “2 new books”

  1. I got Ken’s book yesterday (with a hefty discount coupon from B&N) and have just looked at it briefly. But, as you say, I’ve never read a Ken Druse book I didn’t like. Just flipping through it I found an answer to something I’d just seen an hour before in the grocery store: A strange looking item in the produce section. And there it was on page 128: Buddha’s hand aka Citrus medica ‘Sarcodactylus’. Voila! Got my money’s worth already.

  2. I’m about half-way through Planthropology and, as with all Ken’s books, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. As always, it is rather lavishly produced, full of Ken’s great photos. Its eye grabbing dust jacket is bound to catch many people’s attention, if bookstores display it where the front can be seen, and I agree with you, Craig, it would make a great holiday gift.

    I also enjoy Ken’s (and his sidekick Vickie’s) weekly radio program Ken Druse Real Dirt (via podcast). It’s available through iTunes or directly from his website (kendruserealdirt.com).

  3. I just added the radio show to my RSS feed. My main problem is that I listen to podcasts (mostly progressive talk) constantly and can’t keep up with them all.

  4. Well, I just purchased this, and hope his writing is as good as you all say. Looks like it might even be something to use in the ole memoir, but I’ve had high hopes before and been snubbed (mostly by girls in highschool, which books aren’t that much different from with their flirty covers and high-inducing smelly paper… see, you can’t tell which I’m talking about, books or girls).

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