Fred’s new coat

fred's new coat'

We call Fred our ‘cotton dog’. (Jade, our border collie-lab mix is the ‘wool dog’.) Getting Fred to outside in winter has always been an issue. So with the January-in-November we’re having now, we splurged and bought him a coat.

He likes it more than he lets on.

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5 thoughts on “Fred’s new coat”

  1. Fred looks like he is ready for the holidays with that red coat. He will start equating the coat with a nice walk in the out of doors and I bet he will perk up each time you get it out.

  2. Very Fire Dog! I want to get one for Bud that will shed water and snow & keep his naked belly warm. We have a little cotton one that someone’s mother sent us that says, “I do bad things” in big black letters on the back. We turn it inside out so as not to dampen his self esteem 😉 BUT it’s not quite keeping him warm now that it’s 25 degrees out. Where did you get yours?

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