14 thoughts on “Bloom day scans: Fuzz and foliage”

  1. Some of that fuzz looks familar. I like your scans this month. It won’t be long and I won’t even be able to find leaves to scan. There is a lot of mush here.

  2. Hiya Craig,

    I have finally put 2 and 2 together: You are the Ithaca blogger as well as the scan bloomday blogger.
    I have to categorize bloggers to keep them straight in my head, what with all the blog titles, post titles and user names, I get somewhat confused.

    You have been going round my mind as a twin so far. All solved now 😉

    I’m with Les: the top one is handsome. Look forward to the spring bulbs one. I reckon the Finger Lakes won’t show these until May? In Corning we had brown lawns until the end of April.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. These are gorgeous, Craig. I’d really love to turn the top one upside down and make it into a book cover. But what could one write inside that would do it justice?

  4. More beautiful scans. Before we had a scanner, I arranged a group of variegated leaves and took a shot of them for a newspaper column on that subject. Was thinking it might be time to revisit the topic and your image certainly gets me thinking. Last year we set an all-time snow record so I am not even thinking about what comes next here weatherwise. But I did like the sound of that bulb scan?!

  5. I love your scans! Now, on to the next blog. I’m trying to look at everyone’s GBBD blogs!

    Here’s hoping winter goes by quickly!


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