Campus color

I take the campus colors for granted, but have started carrying a camera around with me.

Ivy outside campus store.
campus color

Libe Slope looking south.
campus color

Libe slope looking north.
campus color

My favorite tree on the slope. I actually took this a few years ago, but it looked exactly the same today.
campus color

Grass, Minns Garden.
campus color

Hidden garden outside Plant Science.
campus color

Dogwood outside Plant Science.
campus color

Japanese maple outside Plant Science.
campus color

campus color

And of course, more anemones in the Hidden Garden.
campus color

campus color

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16 thoughts on “Campus color”

  1. wow, pictures look like New England, am I right? The beautiful deep red of the ivy against the gray stone is drop-dead gorgeous. Fall is a beautiful time of the year. As beautiful in its own way as spring. And New England has a corner on fall beauty it seems (I live in TN, which has more fall color than FL, where I moved from).

    Do the bottom 2 pictures depict some kind of Dogwood? The flowers are similar to the southern variety. Thanks for the beautiful pics, keep up the great work.

  2. Halls of ivy. I just love seeing ivy climbing up a wall. The panorama views are gorgeous too.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, all.

    Different Kim: That first ivy shot is a hint of what that area could look like. While we have our share of old ivy-covered buildings, this spot is a bare concrete retaining wall at the entrance to our book store, which is actually underground. I think it’s a volunteer. I hope no one decides it needs to be pulled off.

    Rebecca: Last two pix are Japaneses anemones, my favorite fall flower.

    Les: I’m not great on my ivies, but I do think it’s Boston. There are several other species around campus, including one building that has trumpet vine growing on it.

  4. Very nice shots, Craig. It’s such a lovely place to work and be every day. Isn’t that Parthenocissus tricuspidata ‘Cornell Red’ in the top picture? 😉 It is beautiful, and hope it doesn’t succumb to the Ivy Management Dept.

  5. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

    That is not Boston ivy; I have Boston ivy, and that’s not its growth habit or color. My BI is just turning now.

  6. Eliz: I asked one of our grad students who TAs our woody plants course and walks by there daily. He says, “Parthenocissus tricuspidata, a.k.a. good ol’ Boston Ivy.”

  7. Wow, Cornell has some gorgeous colors. I remember visiting the campus years ago and being enchanted, but it’s even more lovely at this time of year. Great photos!

  8. Wow… lovely pictures, Craig. Thanks for posting a peek into the beauty you have on campus there at Cornell. I made the ivy-on-concrete picture my desktop background for the week. I really like everything about that shot: The colors, the contrast between the living ivy and the cold concrete wall, and the idea that maybe Ma Nature is “taking back” a little corner of a venerable manmade institution. :)

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