Deadheading: What firefly said

Shorter firefly:

… for things that get rained and snowed on, buffeted by wind, tickled by earthworms, munched on by aphids, and pooped on by birds, I’m supposed to tie on my frilly apron (or, judging by the ‘glamour shots,’ perhaps one with fringe and rhinestones), tuck my garden ‘housekeeping’ basket under my arm, and gyrate through the garden “pruning, cutting back, trimming, and, of course, deadheading” so everything sparkles and blooms, even when it’s supposed to be asleep?

Uh, I don’t think so.

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Granted, if I was still on a city lot? I’d probably be pruning, cutting back, trimming, and, of course, deadheading.

I also loved Eric Grissell’s Insects and Gardens, which I’d sum up in rhyme:

Don’t be

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