10 thoughts on “October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day scans”

  1. Nice Craig! Is that chard? Your dahlias are gorgeous. (I didn’t cover anything so lost ours before they even bloomed.) I especially love the burgundy in that second scan. We got a blue lupine, too! Shocker since I didn’t think they bloomed in fall.
    Looking forward to the dead stuff, since the trees are quickly being shorn of leaves.

  2. Craig, I really like these scans. They aren’t as full as some of the others in the past, but they have their own drama. Is that a hosta flower in the top one? I have a lone hosta stem still blooming . . . . . .

  3. diff Kim: The one on the right? That’s a lupine. Others in that picture are monkshood, obedient plant, yarrow, and colchicum.

    I really don’t like these. I worked on them in Gimp instead of PhotoShop, and I’m still not comfortable with Gimp. I might try them in PhotoShop if I get a chance today.

  4. While I’m not usually a fan of orange or rust, I simply love the second scan! It just shouts “autumn.” What kind of Monkshood do you have? I’m still trying to ID mine. The most likely suspect is A. carmichaelii.

  5. These are friggin’ gorgeous, is that Mustard?? AND thanks for being so cool about the “Gardeners for Obama” thing
    I don’t care who gets the credit as long as he gets elected- but you’ve been really cool about it all… We’ve had out 15 minutes, eh?

  6. Yes, the background of the second scan is mustard. And I’m pretty sure that the monkshood is A. carmichaelii. I’ve acquired several different ones over the years. But it’s always a few years before they decide whether they will stick around, and my recollection and records are none too good.

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