‘The most democratic of color combinations’

Regular readers of the New York Times Home and Garden section probably zeroed in on Anne Raver’s feature on White Flower Farm and the accompanying slideshow.

I sure did. But another story and slideshow (that had nothing to do with plants or gardening) extolling the virtues of blue and white also caught my eye.

Why am I drawn to blue pots, cobalt blue bottles and other blue accessories in the garden? The bottles I can trace back to digging antique bottles out of old dumps I found in the woods. Otherwise, all I can say it it might be the dearth of blue flowers I can actually grow.

Blue bottle decorations
blue bottles

Blue and white container water garden.
blue container water garden

Blue cold frame against our blue house.
blue cold frame

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4 thoughts on “‘The most democratic of color combinations’”

  1. Cute cold frame. Did you build it? I like your blue bottle garden, too.

    But I really like your container water garden; I admired it when you did the post on water features. It’s small enough for my tiny yard. But how does it “work?” Doesn’t the water get stagnant, or fill up with debris? Or do the plants keep it clean? What did you look for when you selected the plants?

  2. We get the old-fashioned print edition of the NYTimes and I grab that section immediately. I read both articles, Craig… but came to a different conclusion. I don’t have blue decor (although I sure like those blue bottle trees on your blog and in the garden of Pam/Digging), but could count quite a few blue and white flowers in the garden.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    PS Came over after reading about Gogol Bordello’s performance at the Austin City Limits fest – you’re now connected in my mind!

  3. I had missed the piece on White Flower Farm, thanks. That is kind of local here and I try and get to the garden a couple of times a year. I didn’t know there was a connection with one of favorite English gardeners, Chris Lloyd.

  4. I like the blue bottles rising out of the flowers in your garden. It seems a bit different. Most people put them on a tree. They look sort of out of place on a tree to me. Blue is magnetic in the garden no matter what it is.

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