20 best spring bulbs

If this pictorial by Elspeth Thompson in the UK Telegraph doesn’t put you in the mood for ordering and planting bulbs this fall, nothing will. Of course, here in the U.S., our mileage may vary for a few of these. (I don’t expect any daffodil to flower from Christmas to March.) But most all of these would brighten my spring or be a great indoor plant this winter.

I’ve already got half a dozen of these picks myself, including the Thalia daffodil (below), Cyclamen coum and Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’.

angelic daffs

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2 thoughts on “20 best spring bulbs”

  1. Your ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ from last year has had me dreaming about bulbs all year…tried forcing paperwhites last year and it was easy, but they smelled up the whole little house with weirdness. I like the way you took the picture, like you’re lying on the ground looking up.

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