The healing powers of water

As an addendum to my GBBD water garden workshop post, I wanted to add a short post about one of my favorite water features on the Cornell campus. I try to find an excuse to walk through the Bailey Plaza almost daily. (Outside Bailey Hall, which, yes, is named for that Bailey.)

bailey plaza
larger view | supersized

The plaza used to be a crumbling old parking lot until about a year ago. Already, the plantings give a feel for much of the wildland in the area, and the massive water feature at the south end resembles the blocky, right-angle rock features you can see in gorges throughout the area, where streams cut through the land as the descend into the various Finger Lakes.

bailey plaza

Thousands of stressed out students pass through this plaza daily, most unaware that they are getting a quick dose of serenity.

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4 thoughts on “The healing powers of water”

  1. Thanks for the photos of this feature too, Craig. It’s neat that it evokes the feeling of a natural geologic feature while still looking suitable for a more formal setting.

  2. This is gorgeous. I can see why you would like to walk near it often. Water has that magnetic pull for most people. Just think of all the people that go to the beach for vacation. Water is relaxing in all its forms to me.

  3. I like your pano! Since it’s just outside, I walk by nearly every day, too, and it can be an oasis of quiet. The plantings are getting huge and wild, and Grounds has already been cutting back the shrubs that reach out onto the sidewalk by the road. The wildness is an interesting contrast to Bailey and the plaza–not sure I really “got it” until your post though–I’d been thinking they messed up and didn’t space the plantings well. I want to see what the mini fall will look like when it freezes :)

  4. Water with it´s sound has a good relaxing feeling, whatever it is in a garden, nature or like here in a scool.
    I´l never stop enjoying the sound.
    Nice photos on a wall who is almost falling.
    Unbelievable architecture.

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