Backyard panorama

I don’t take a lot of long shots. They reveal too much of my haphazard design. (The crop tool is my friend.) But this morning things looked pretty good, so I awkwardly stitched together this panorama.

august 2008 panorama
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4 thoughts on “Backyard panorama”

  1. Well, we went to Chicago for everything so it didn’t really seem like THAT big of a deal. Tell tale, I was far more interested in the Holly that grows there and took many pictures of it. Why didn’t I know horticulture was my thang until I was 24?

    My 8th grade photo is hideous, I saved up for a Benetton sweater (hello? 1988??) that had a diamond pattern in the weave that made me look 14 and pregnant.

    However, they did this trick where the panoramic camera swings from left to right slowly so they get a kid from the left side runs to the right side in back of the other kids and then gets photographed again as the camera completes the photo yo give the illusion of bookend twins. Naturally I thought the photographer did this for us exclusively and when I learned that all 5th grade trips got this magic trick I was muy disappointed…

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