Weekend pix

Just the usual pix from a quick Sunday walkaround …

I don’t normally go in for the ‘vignette’ shot. Mostly because I have a hard time filling the viewfinder with a medium-range subject without having something truly ugly or frightening intruding on the scene. But I looked up and saw this and it was almost garden-worthy.

sunday walkaround

Bee on globe thistle.

sunday walkaround

Pink Malva.

sunday walkaround

Yellow water lilly

sunday walkaround

And the same up close

sunday walkaround

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5 thoughts on “Weekend pix”

  1. “ugly or frightening”? Do the bog-dwellers sneak up on you in your Adirondack chair 😉 Looks like a comfy place to sit. What’s the purple thing in the container? I can’t wait until I have blue globe thistles next year, and well, just more cool stuff blooming. I’ve been thinking of showing wider shots on the blog, too, since things are so bare and small I never do…

  2. I guess properly it’s a Hibiscus moscheutos. But I think that they still have a lot of Malva moscheutos plant tags to use up before the all the nurseries change over.

  3. Jim:

    Most of the pictures on the blog are made with a Canon Digital Rebel EOS. I like it a lot because it’s easy to get started with. I can teach someone to use it in about 3 minutes. I’ll admit that I don’t yet know what all the buttons do and I haven’t pushed it to its full capabilities.

    My basic strategy is to make a bucketload of images in hopes that when I get them on the screen I can come up with a handful that (with the help of a little PhotoShopping) will look good at 500 pixels. Some are worth clicking through the the larger images I usually put behind the 500-pixel versions. And every year I get a few that I actually print and use for gifts or other projects.

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