Sunday pix …

… from this morning’s walkaround. Click images for larger view.

Daylilies, purple …
sunday flowers

And yellow.
sunday flowers

Euphorbia griffithii ‘Fireglow’, backlit somewhat.
sunday flowers

Wild parsnip. Be careful. I’ve still got scabs on my ankle from mowing this stuff down along the roadside a couple weeks ago. It’s not giant hogweed. But it’ll make you blister.
sunday flowers

sunday flowers

sunday flowers

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5 thoughts on “Sunday pix …”

  1. Hi Craig, your backlit photo is quite cinematic. It reminds me of the time-lapse science movies we watched at school long ago. You beat me to a wild parsnip post–scary stuff, no? I’ve become obsessed with it: the blister pics online are really horrific, and the stuff is all over out here. If people only knew…I’m extra careful where I take the dog now that I know what it does to cows and people. FINALLY saw giant hogweed the other day–it’s like being Alice when she eats the wrong side of the mushroom…Thanks for peaceful Sunday images. (and I’m gonna hafta get me some of that Hives music soon.)

  2. None of my purple daylilies look purple. They all look a muddy red. I can’t decide if it’s coolish nighttime temps, acid soil, or just bad daylilies. I believe you and I share the same first two conditions, so I’m leaning toward bad daylilies. Do you know the name of your violet daylily?

    My wild parsnip posts:

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