Solstice pix

Finally getting around to posting the rest of the pictures from last weekend. Below is the front garden with the borrowed scenery from the wetland and ridge. One of my favorite scenes, despite the ‘bad haircut’ look from having just weed-whacked.

front garden

Ladybug in Japanese lilac.
Ladybug in Japanese lilac

Scotch thistle bud.
scotch thistle

Phlomis further along. Am really starting to like this plant.

And some more foxglove pix…



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4 thoughts on “Solstice pix”

  1. Such a gorgeous “front” you have! What are the views like around your place, looking out? Stunning I bet? I should surf your blog to find them methinks. I just planted my first aruncus–I like the foliage most of all, oddly enough.

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