Last of the goatsbeard

My quest this late spring/early summer has been to take a great Aruncus picture. This is my last try this year, as it’s starting to yellow and fade. Now I’ve got a year to contemplate how to go from OK to great in this challenge.





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6 thoughts on “Last of the goatsbeard”

  1. Robert Capa said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” but I rather like #1 for the scale you might need for the G’beard. It’s a wonderful plant and YET another new one to me. I think pic 4 really succeeds as to showing how airy it is, but with the dense quality of it too in the shadows behind. Nice 🙂

  2. Hmmmmm… Jim. I’ve got a pretty heavy wet clay soil and it does pretty good.

    Lynn: After all this effort, I’ve come to this conclusion: Goatsbeard is a plant you really need to experience in person.

  3. I really like the 2nd picture, and the last one. That said, I agree with what you said to Lynn. There’s something about the enormity of this plant that you just can’t seem to capture well on camera–at least, I can’t. Maybe with a person in it for scale? (Although that looks too much like a back-of-the-garden-catalog, buy-this-monstrosity-plant glory shot, I know.)

  4. Such a lovely graphic quality – I love goatsbeards and completely agree with the idea that you have to have them to really appreciate them. Nice blog!

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