Sakuraso primrose

Sakuraso primrose

A few years ago, I signed up for a fledgling Sakuraso society — mostly because a ridiculously low membership fee got you some seeds and packets of thread-like roots that when planted in pots quickly grew into robust little plants.

I can find nothing about this little society online, so I suspect that it is no longer in existence.

That’s too bad. I wish I could find them and re-up. I love these little primroses, even though I only have one left. I made the mistake of transplanting them into a bed where I greatly underestimated the ability of buttercups to reinvade from what I call ‘lawn’. When I got behind a few summers ago, the buttercups more or less took over. But this sakuraso and a few other tough primroses have hung in — thrived, almost — despite the competition.

I like to see that in a plant.

Sakuraso primrose

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