Updates and reruns

Some updates to recent posts …

Minns gate

Cornell Chronicle article on Durand Van Doran’s botanically inspired gate/sculpture outside the building where I work. More pix at my original post.

turfworks flyover by Pete Cadieux

Another Cornell Chronicle article about Turfwork! student project. My original post on this project.

may scan with hard light effect

One more version of my May bloom day scan. Lori over at Gardener of Good and Evil taught me a new PhotoShop trick that drives this scan from antique to something much closer to the actual colors of the flowers. (Long story short: Duplicate layer, multiply. Though with this one I chose hard light which is even closer to the real McCoy.)

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2 thoughts on “Updates and reruns”

  1. I am in awe of that gate. Wow.

    I also like the “hard light” effect… but I admit that I enjoyed the “antique” look of the old scans, too. 🙂

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