New and improved May bloom day scan

Some folks have commented that they like the old-timey effect of my bloom day scans. That’s not intentional, I assure you. It’s due to using a crummy hand-me-down scanner and not having good imaging software on my home machine.

I took yesterday’s scan to work with me today and adjusted it with PhotoShop to try to get the colors closer to what the flowers actually looked like.

This is an improvement, but the bleeding heart still isn’t near as vibrant as it is in real life.

may bloom day scan redo
Extra large version.

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4 thoughts on “New and improved May bloom day scan”

  1. Just for kicks, I took your scan and Photoshopped it to see what I could do to make the colors more vibrant. Have you tried using Duplicate Layer > Multiply? That will really kick it up a notch, and you can adjust the opacity of the Multiply layer to keep the colors from getting too obnoxious.

    (I frakkin’ love Photoshop.)

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