100k daffodils


Every year when their daffodils peak, Nina Bassuk (faculty member in our Department of Horticulture) and Peter Trowbridge (chair of Landscape Architecture) kindly hold a Sunday brunch for their students, co-workers and friends to come see their gardens.

Why time it to the daffodils? Because they’ve planted about 100,000 of them over the years.

But there’s always much more to see at Peter and Nina’s (and interesting folks to meet and greet) than just the daffodils. Here are just a few highlights.

I’ve got my blue bottle tree and decorations. Nina and Peter have a new feature with blue pots.

blue pots

Also new this year is a rebuilt wall. The old wall that was here and blown out in places had a certain charm. But this new one and the new bed in front of it are spectacular.

blue pots

I tried to get Mimi and Mango to pose on these steps to further accentuate the symmetry…

blue pots

But they were too busy having fun to take my ham bribes.

blue pots

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2 thoughts on “100k daffodils”

  1. I’m sure I’ll have something interesting to comment… when I can finally swallow my jealousy over that amazing stone wall.

    I’m just not there yet.


  2. Hi Craig!
    I think your wall is outstanding, very dekorativ. I gess that it is alot of stones.
    Here in Sweden we have a hoolyday tomorow on the 1/5.
    Have a nice spring Ken

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