Hyper-Spring (lotsa pix)

scilla siberica

The last week we’ve had temps 10 to 20 degrees above normal — the best April weather I’ve seen for a long time if you’re one of the sun-starved students on campus or a sunbather.

But for gardeners, it’s turned the season into hyper-spring. Everything is flowering all at once. Where we usually drift outside in the cold April rain to watch the slow progress of bulbs and the swelling buds on flowering trees and shurbs, suddenly everything racing past us in one big blur.

Unfortunately, I’ve had very little time to spend outside gardening due to work and home commitments. I have snuck in a few quick walks through the garden with the camera in hand trying in vain to slow things down so I could savor them a little more.

Here’s some of what’s been whizzing by.

scilla i think

tradescantia emerging

trout lily





species tulip

fantail willow

fantail willow

fantail willow

trout lily

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11 thoughts on “Hyper-Spring (lotsa pix)”

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m in such a garden fever of late! We just need some rain. We’ve got a dry spell going after a wetter spring than normal.

  2. Beautiful pics, Craig. I’m glad your spring is in full swing for you to enjoy. We’ve nearly moved into summer mode here with mid-90s and humidity. I think we’ll have more-temperate weather again before summer hits in earnest, but it isn’t far off. Soon sweet spring will be a distant memory.

  3. The dog tooth violets look wonderful Craig. Is that a scilla in the first two pictures? If it is, I haven’t seen one in that color before just the plain blue ones. Great photos.

  4. Beautiful!
    Flowers and willow buds are gorgeous.
    Your photography is superb!

    What plant (tree?) is that in the 6th picture down? It has soft yellow Daffodil-like flowers. Stunning!

  5. Ellis: It is happening too fast! I know, complaining about good weather is bad form and I do love it but the flowers go by so fast when it is HOT! I am hoping for a few rain days next week.

  6. That first picture of the white trout lily is absolutely astonishing. Wow.

    Is your reddish-yellow foliage ‘Sweet Kate’ spiderwort? I got a free pot of that last fall (the garden center was throwing things out at the end of the season, when they were frozen solid.) They started coming up already in their heeled-in pots, and I was struck by how pretty the spring foliage is. Now I just have to figure out where I should put the plant. I honestly didn’t expect it to make it. :)

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