Sunday music: Chris Smither

It’s been more than I year since I posted about my favorite Zen bluesman, Chris Smither (including garden appropriate content like Origin of Species and that street produce vendor song). Today, it’s just some old Philly Folk Festival performances.

Hold on:

Drive you home again:

Or if you need a garden blog surfing groove, here’s dj Cheb I Sabbah (Toura Toura):

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4 thoughts on “Sunday music: Chris Smither”

  1. Never crossed my mind or other parts that “Love You Like a Man” was “Zen.”

    I obviously need to learn more about Zen!


  2. I love Mr. Chris Smithers. He is just a very fine musician.
    Now that he is a “bit older”, he kinda reminds me of Al Gore. :)

    Chris Smithers makes for some great gardening music.

    Annie in Okie

  3. That is a LINK to my Family History website. This one is to my Memorial page for my dog, Mr. Magoo who reminds me of your dog, Jade, only Magoo was much lower to the ground. He was a Lab-Bassett Hound mix.

    Please feel free to browse around the rest of my website. It’s sadly in need of being updated, but , oh, well. Still a lot of info there.
    There are links to my Swedish families and who knows – we might even be related!

    My AUTHOR page links you to some of my garden pics.

  4. Annie and Annie: Thanks for stopping by.

    Hey Julie:

    I’m no Zen scholar. But the fact that Love You Like a Man was made famous by Bonnie Raitt and has been covered by the likes of Diana Krall and every blueswoman worth her chops (with the subtle change to Love Me Like a Man) just proves my point that Chris is a Zen master, doesn’t it?

    Update: Don’t know how I missed Bonnie on first search through YouTube:

    YouTube is crawling with covers. Here are just two:

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