Why I fence the veggie garden

And grow deer-resistant ornamentals.

1 p.m. this afternoon, from the driveway while I was walking my mother-in-law out to her car (click images for larger view):


On closer inspection, 8 plus several more out of frame.


And they’re off …


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4 thoughts on “Why I fence the veggie garden”

  1. We put up a fence to block out the view of our newly built neighbor’s house. The fence only runs along the property line in a strip and does not enclose the sides but the deer which would frequent the birdfeeders, and munch on roses, tulips, japanese maples, service berry, etc., etc. don’t come anymore. Even though the sides are open I guess it blocks some of the escape routes so they are very wary of the fence. It was definitely worth the money to put it up even if we got a little grief from the neighbors.

  2. I probably should get some fencing up around the veg garden too, but did OK relying on tomato cages last year with only one deer intrusion resulting in the loss of just a couple of tomatoes. I did have a woodchuck eat most of the lettuce last year though. I learned from my neighbor, former owner of our house that she had success keeping the deer away from tulips and other bulbs by spreading dried blood. I put a fresh application on about a month ago and that seemed to curtail the deer munching, at least thus far.

  3. Rotten wenches! They’re all over my yard. In fact, I already sprayed Liquid Fence to keep them off my flowers because they chomped on one of my bulbs. As for veggies…yea, no WAY could I grow them up here without a fence!

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