Cyclamen flowers, ‘drowning’ Eranthis

cyclamen flowers

The buds that have been on this cyclamen since November finally opened yesterday. Lots more buds to come. I also bought a couple new cyclamens from John Lonsdale, Edgewood Gardens (west of Philadelphia) at his rock garden society presentation last weekend.

Below are some more eranthis I discovered yesterday. I raked too many leaves on top of the bed, and I noticed that they were heaving in spots. I cleared them away and found the chlorotic eranthis. I wonder if they are buried under too much mulch if they have a feeling like we do when we’re underwater and running out of breath.

drowning eranthis

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3 thoughts on “Cyclamen flowers, ‘drowning’ Eranthis”

  1. Eeewww what a thought. Poor things. I bet they were gasping. About the end of February I feel like they look. Then March comes along and gives us a few days of sunshine and I start feeling better.

  2. It’s funny how the Eranthis sprout in bud. I managed to get the mulch off them before they sprouted this year. Most years, mine look a lot like those. It’s a good thing they green up quickly.

  3. I don’t like that idea… but can definitely see how it fits! If it’s true, I just rescued some “drowning” bulb foliage (don’t know what kind–can’t remember what I planted there!) in the garden this evening.

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