The Merry Blues

Oxalis, LHB Conservatory, dry brush filter

It hasn’t been a bad winter. But it’s starting to wear very, very thin. It’s the right time of the year to break out the Manu Chao (The Merry Blues) :

Looking back, I blogged a live Manu Chao clip a year and a week ago on a cold night. Must be seasonal or something. Watching the sweat pour off the band playing live at the Prospect Park Bandshell, Brooklyn, summer 2006, warms the cockles of my heart. Might as well pull a two-fer (Me gustas tu):oxalis
Oxalis, LHB Conservatory, water color filter

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2 thoughts on “The Merry Blues”

  1. Some people come here for the gardening – I come for the music. Well, not really, but the music is great. That perked up a gray day here – thanks!

  2. That oxalis looks beautiful! Haven’t been by in awhile to say hello (haven’t been much of anywhere really) – but it was fun to stop by and hear some good music. Thanks for the treat.

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