February bloom day scans

Like Kathy at CCG, nothing but snow and ice outside. But I scanned a few inside plants (houseplants and an overwintering Albutilon that’s flowering to beat the band) and fiddled with them.

Poinsettia | Cyclamen | Albutilon

Poinsettia | Cyclamen | Albution
x2400 pixel version

Calla | Cyclamen foliage

Poinsettia | Cyclamen | Albution

Just a begonia.


Updated 2/17: Forgot to link to Kathy’s post and I changed the timestamp to keep this on top for awhile.

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14 thoughts on “February bloom day scans”

  1. I’ve been doing my GBBD contribution almost exclusively with scans (just a regular flatbed scanner) for almost a year now. (You can search the site with ‘bloom day scans’ if you want to turn them up.) This one involved a little PhotoShopping. It’s tough to get that many leaves lined up on the scanner bed without sneezing and blowing them all away.

  2. I’m a complete nutjob. I just now realized what you meant by “scans”. For some reason I thought you were scanning actual photographs awhile back, because they do look that good. Dur.

  3. You’re getting pretty good at this. Before you know it, you’re gonna have your own one man show at some gallery in Ithaca.What does your professor friend Marcia think of them?

  4. Wow, I thought that first one was great, it appealed to my desire for symmetry. Then I saw the second one and I was more impressed. That background is impressive, love how you photoshopped that.

    I agree with Kathy, you should put on a one man show in an art gallery!

    Thanks for joining us for bloom day again, I always look forward to your scans.

  5. Thanks for the kind words, all. But the more I do it, the more I realize how much more patience and precision it would take to do these at ‘art quality’ level. I think these would look good poster-sized, but at the resolution I work at, they wouldn’t look good printed mucy larger than notecard-size. And at poster size, my sloppiness would stick out like a sore thumb. Some day …

  6. How cool. I must try this. I’ll have to go back to the instructions you posted.

    Did I mention to you artist Joseph Scheer’s work with scanning moths and other insects? I thought I did. Maybe not.

  7. Hmm… it would be good if I actually read the captions instead of getting sidetracked by the cool scans. I was thinking those white flowers were some kind of jasmine, but I see that they are actually cyclamen! Oops. 🙂

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