Sunday music: John Hartford

Live version of one of my favorite John Hartford songs, I’m still here. (There are so many, it’s tough to pick.) Made all the more poignant by his passing. I saw him live summer of ’89 when I literally stumbled onto an outdoor show on the river north of LaCrosse, Wis. I figured I must live right to be so blessed.

I may have lost my lunchbox, but I’m still here.

I’m Still Here is no longer here, lost in the great Viacom YouTube purge of ’07. So here’s Skipping in the Mississippi Dew:

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3 thoughts on “Sunday music: John Hartford”

  1. I remember see John Hartford in England, back in the sixties, at a festival I think, playing his fiddle and stepdancing on a board (I’m sure there’s a proper name for this, sorry…) Wonderful.

  2. I’m glad that he was well-received across the pond. With his music so rooted in the Mississippi mud (too thick to navigate, too thin to plow), I wasn’t sure he’d translate so well.

    re: His step dancing. I recall reading that the box he does that on is framed so that underneath there were different sized spaces, allowing him to get different tones and, in effect, play tunes (or at least accomany himself) with his feet.

  3. I saw John Hartford at the Continental Dived folk fesival in New York Mills Minnesota in 1995. I came to see my childhood folk hero, and let me tell you, I wasn’t supprised when I looked over in the audiance, which was on a baseball diamond. And there was JH sitting in the crowd watching an act well before he would have to go up there himself. It was awsome and I was humbled by his presence. Thank’s John…………T

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