Rosie finds a new home

Rosie through the transom.

That’s a nicely framed view of Rosie through my office transom.

Rosie was a student project from the Art of Horticulture class my friend Marcia teaches . As I recall the story, the student and a friend basically spent most of Thanksgiving break making a plaster of paris body cast in sections, assembled the sections, then painted Rosie and decoupaged pictures on top of that. The resulting Gaia-inspired statue was spectacular.

Rosie’s been around. She graced a sitting area in Cornell’s College of Agriculture administrative building for a few months. She moved on to our department’s breakroom, and then into Marcia’s office. Before the holidays, Marcia decided she needed more space, so I told her Rosie could stay in my cluttered office for a spell. With floor space at a premium, I decided to hang her from the wall, instead.



Hanging Rosie put her in a whole new perspective. Standing on the floor, Rosie was tasteful. Now I’m no prude, but elevated so that her panty-parts are at eye level made me blush. While I ridiculed him at the time, I now know how former attorney general John Ashcroft must have felt giving press conferences in front of that bare-breasted statue of Lady Liberty. I thought it a tad prudish that he had a black sheet put up to block the view. But I resorted to strategically placing an old umbrella to camouflage Rosie in her new residence.

Judging from the comments I’ve gotten, the hanging doesn’t do her justice. Next move for Rosie will need to bring her back to earth.

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