7 thoughts on “West ridge, Fred at sunrise”

  1. That looks more than mediocre to me, too! Ours started out mediocre, but lately the oranges and yellows have started to blaze. We seem to have missed the reds that I love, though–the early maples just kind of browned and died off. (And now that I look outside again, we still have plenty of green yet, too. Weird.)

    Fred really brightens up that second picture, btw. :)

  2. I noticed when I drove to Ithaca last weekend that some hillsides looked spectacular and some looked more subdued, like they might have been specatacular three days earlier. It made me wonder what microclimate prevailed there. We managed to hit spectacular here before the rains came and knocked all the leaves down.

  3. Late and mediocre – perhaps to you. For this southerner who misses a true Autumn, it looks quite beautiful. (Good for Fred to demand equal time).

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